The Campsite

The reunion grounds and campsite is in the same location as last time in Vassar, Manitoba. We have outgrown our previous setup and we are looking at how to best configure the space to work for all families. When you arrive sections will be labeled as to where you should park. There will be picnic tables available for each family.

It is important to register your family (once registration opens) as this will determine how much space your family will require. There will be no electrical hook-ups. 

Campsite Theme & Flag

Each family is encouraged to come up with a theme for their campsite and decorate it in any way they like! With your decoration, each family should make a Family Flag  that hangs in their camping area for everyone to see. The Family Flag can be any size you like and can be made out of anything at all (wood, metal, cloth).

Have fun and be creative!

Name Tags

To help identify family members, you should also include the family branch you are from on each name tag (e.g. Lucien, Lucie, Florence etc.)

Wall of Pictures

Please feel free to bring pictures or artifacts to be posted or videos to watch. We will also be updating the fabulous family tree. This and the pictures will be in the same spot as previous years.


Concession Stand – This will once again be a hub for the reunion hosting food preparation areas, running water for washing, and more. Just remember, space can be tight in there, so please be courteous to others while everyone is working to make things happen.

Walk-In Cooler – There is a walk-in cooler available for families to use to store a cooler containing food perishables. This is very handy if we have several hot days, that way we can keep all our food stored safely. The walk-in cooler should not be used for drinks or beverages.

Porta-potties – We will be renting porta-potties again and they are scheduled to be cleaned once during the weekend. Please remind all your family to help keep these clean. Do not take drink cans or bottles into the toilets as they can fall in and the reunion may get additional charges for removal.

Showers & Pool – The Vassar Pool will be open for kids of all ages. We are also looking to see if they will once again allow people to use the showers during the weekend.